1. Introduction

<aside> 🔥 Earn $PAC for tweeting about Pacmoon.


Pacmoon Season 4 will last until we launch [REDACTED].

Here’s how it works 👇

2. Quality > quantity

<aside> ✅ We are focused on rewarding high quality original content


This program is for creators, not farmers.

Create content about Pacmoon and tag @pacmoon_ in it.

If the Pacmoon account likes your tweet, it is eligible to earn $PAC.

The more views your tweets get, the more $PAC you earn.

3. Content guidelines

<aside> 💡 Here’s how you can get a like from the PacMoon account



We don’t like every piece of original Pacmoon content.

It has to reach a certain level of quality.

Here are some tips…

  1. Have a big scope
    1. Create content that appeals to everyone in the Pacmoon community.
  2. Get to the point
    1. Remove intros and unneeded text
  3. Make people feel an emotion
    1. Create what makes you light up or laugh
  4. Make your content easy to consume
    1. Have a clean caption & add engaging audio in videos